Cavie 60 Small Animal Cage

Small animal cage with hay rack Size 58x38x31.5cm

Weight 7.9Kg

Cavie 15 Small Animal Cage

Small Animal cage with front opening 70 x 47 x 37,5 cm

Weight 12.240 Kg

Small Animal Deluxe 100

Modern Cage With Full Length Front Opening Door, Easy Access In And Out Of The Cage, Includes House, Hay Rack, Food Dish And Water Bottle.

Size 100 x 53 x 33.5 cm


Weight 6Kg

Russel Rabbit Original 2.5Kg

Russel Rabbit is a complete food formulated for the special needs of rabbits. Rabbits have a unique, complex and sensitive digestive system that requires a diet high in fiber. Russel Rabbit Original provides high levels of both digestible and indigestible fiber as well as a range of cereals and vegetables. Together these can help maintain healthy digestion, providing a balanced diet to keep your rabbit in good health. The different shapes and textures encourage your rabbit to gnaw, crunch and grind and that helps to trim continually growing teeth.

Burgess Excel Rabbit Adult 4 Kg

Russel Rabbit 850gms

Supreme Science Selective Rabbit 3Kg

A nutritionally complete and balanced diet for rabbits.

High fibre - 19%.
Promotes dental wear.
Mono-component, fully extruded diet.
Prevents slective feeding.
Promotes groth of beneficial bacteria within the digestive
Contains linseed, a great source of Omega 3 & 6 for healthy
skin and coat.
Highly palatable.
No added sugar or artificial colourants.

Burgess Excel Rabbit Adult 2 Kg

Prevents Selective Feeding
 Excel® Rabbit nuggets provide a wholesome balanced diet in every

Healthy Immune System
 Contains anti-oxidants to help support the immune system and aid
 the body’s natural defences.

High Fibre for Healthy Digestion
 Essential to keep the digestive system working effectively.

Beneficial Bacteria
 Contains a prebiotic to help promote a healthy tummy.

Supa Rabbit Excel® is a delicious rabbit food made up of nutritionally
balanced nuggets and is ideal for adult rabbits.


Excel Rabbit 10kg

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