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About Pet Stop

Every animal is different. Just because your friend''s dog eats something doesn''t mean that your pet will like it or that particular food will even agree with its digestion. This is one of the reasons why a pet shop like Pet Stop can offer you so much more than your local supermarket. With a great range of different foods available in the shop,

Sharon,Pat and Zoe are here to assist you. Bringing with them years of experience and knowledge with animals. With Pat having competed and judged Obedience, and Sharon bringing with her, extensive knowledge and qualifications in Pet Management,Nutrition, Dog Behaviour and Training also having competed in both obedience and agility. And Zoe, owner of the grooming salon in store, with her extensive knowledge of all things grooming and pamper based. All this enables the company to continue to be "one step ahead" of its competitors, ensuring that it''s customers are offered the best value products available in today''s marketplace. They know more than just a thing or two about what''s good and what''s not good for our pets.

Sharon and Pat have been at Pet Stop now for many years and during that time has given the shop a new lease of life and made 100''s of friends, with many additional product lines added and keeping prices remarkably competitive compared to Supermarkets and other Pet Shops. Apart from the comprehensive range of stock items there is also access to over 17,000 pet products that can be seen on a computer screen and ordered through an online system with deliveries twice a week.

Many branded feeds, too many to list, are stocked, please telephone or call in for availability and prices. The extensive levels of stock are further complimented by a twice weekly delivery service from all the main suppliers, ensuring that the food you want is there when you need it. Bird food, covering garden birds to cage birds of all types, including pigeons, is stocked in varying sizes, from sacks down to convenient take home packs. Other animals catered for with feeds and accessories are; Rabbit, Guinea Pigs, Cats, Fish, Rats and Hamsters... the list is endless! And of course all the usual items, like collars, leads, beds and toys are stocked in depth.

We offer good service at competitive prices and carry many different lines and brands of feed stocking lines such as Canagan, Simpsons, CSJ, Arden Grange, Natures Way, Skinners, Dr Johns,  Harringtons, Burns, to name but a few. 
We also stock a wide variety of Raw dog food and treats, both complete and complimentary, such as Benyfit Natural and Natures Menu, and many natural dog treats. 

Within our store is a grooming parlour, Short Tail and Paws, started, owned and run by Zoe Hanscombe 11 years ago (2011) so if your Dog, Cat, Rabbit need their nails clipping, or a bath, or the full works, Zoe can clip, bath or attend to your animal grooming requests, just call for information on 07922517695 or call the shop on 01566 776670.

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