Science Selective Chinchilla 350g

Charlie Chinchilla 850g

Charlie Chinchilla is a complete food especially formulated for the
sensitive digestion of the chinchilla. 
This palatable alternative to conventional pellet foods is high in fibre
and low in fat. 
Charlie Chinchilla provides opportunities for the chinchilla to forage for
tasty ingredients such as raisins and carrots to enjoy a balanced yet
varied diet.

Charlie Chinchilla 2.5Kg

See Charlie Chinchilla 850g for details

Charlie Chinchilla 15Kg

See Charlie Chinchilla 850g for details

Science Selective Plaintain & Parsley 2Kg

Created from a blend of high quality
ingredients and formulated to provide a nutritionally complete
and balanced diet, whilst also hosting a range of additional
benefits designed to further contribute to the health and
wellbeing of your chinchilla.

Chinchilla Mix 1 Kg

A complete feeding stuff for Chinchillas.


Chinchilla pellet, Barley, Wheat Extrusions, Flaked Peas,
Flaked Maize, Rasins, Apple, Carrot, E101 & E104 Colourants.

Oil  3.5%
Protien  18%
Fibre  15%
Ash  8%
Vitamin A 7500 iu / 7500kg
Vitamin D3 2500 iu/kg
Vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol) 50 iu/kg
Copper  (as cupric Sulphate) 5 mg/kg

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